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Company details:

Shot Off

Company:Shot Off
Address:32 Canterbury Road
South Willesborough
TN24 0BL
Contact:Wendy Cliff / Dennis Cackett
Telephone:01233 662 729
Profile:Mr. Cackett is a retired engineer with a R&D mechanical background. He developed Shot-Off Multi-Pliers through his life long passion for fishing. He says a fact that is often over looked is the vast majority of anglers, through their love of the sport care a great deal about the environment and the fish they catch. Long may it continue. * Pinch On * Pinch Off * Best Disgorge Method * Spring Loaded for Easy Handling * Quality Steel Construction * A key feature of the Shot-Off Multipliers is the outer profile of the lower jaw allowing you to easily hold the split shot in place and bring the jaws together simultaneously to open the shot.
Category:bass fishing
charter angling / fishing
coarse fishing
fisheries / tackle & bait
fishing / fisheries / tackle & bait
fishing accessories
Area scope:all / national / uk -wide

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